February 9, 2012
Thursday Check-In: Ten Weeks

[I’ll try to get some non crappy droid in the bathroom pics going forward, but there isn’t really anything to see these days anyway]

Obsessing over - What to have for dinner. Food is a priority when pregnant. Being pregnant and hungry is just terrible. So much worse than being non-pregnant and hungry. So, uh, meatloaf again? It was really good. 

Working on - Resisting the bag of sweet tart hearts in my desk drawer. I should probably just toss it before they burn a hole in my tongue. 

Thinking About - When you can’t talk openly about pregnancy its hard to think about anything else. Actually, scratch that. It is hard to think about anything else for all of pregnancy. I mean, there is a beating heart inside my uterus.

Anticipating - Dinner date tomorrow night! We’re checking out a new restaurant in the neighborhood and we don’t even have to worry about bring the yo gabba gabba along to appease the baby in order to eat peacefully. Grandparent visits are the best.

Listening to - Youth Lagoon? I don’t know, I’m at work. 

Eating - Peanuts. Trying to eat more fruits and veggies and less cupcakes and candy. It’s been mildly successful.

Wishing - I wasn’t always so sleepy.