February 16, 2012
Thursday Check-In: 11 Weeks

[I’m not going to give you a pic this week because I am wearing almost the exact same outfit today as I was last Thursday. Also the whole “obsessing over” “thinking about” is too constricting. I’m just gonna write about my week.]

I am 11 weeks pregnant. I know that is not really very pregnant at all, evidenced by the ease with which I fit into all of my clothes and the lack of concern for whether I am sitting exhibited by other subway riders, but it is starting to feel like the weeks are flying by. This makes me simultaneously excited for all that is to come this spring and summer and a little sad that it is going to go by too fast. I just have to keep reminding myself to enjoy it. Pregnancy is such an amazing experience, I don’t want to take one moment of it for granted. Remind me to look back at this when I am 37 weeks pregnant and complaining that I want the baby out NOW.

It is harder than I would have expected to try to compare this pregnancy to my first one. I feel like I have already forgotten all the little details of the first trimester but I think I am progressing in a similar way. I believe I started showing around 16 weeks and then started really showing at around 20 (when I got my first seat on a crowded subway). I thought I might show a little earlier this time because it is my second pregnancy, but that does not seem to be the case. It’s funny, last time I was so excited to start showing that I think I had convinced myself that I looked REALLY pregnant by about 12 weeks, but I’m pretty sure I did not. This time I am fairly certain that I don’t look the least bit pregnant, but I am also hoping to put off telling people at work for as long as possible.  I imagine that if I had a pic from 11 weeks the first time around, I would look pretty similar to what I look like now, just without the wisdom of the last two years. 

This morning as I was looking for a pic at about 11 weeks from my first pregnancy I came across an email I sent to a friend at about 16 weeks pregnant in which I mentioned my symptoms of extreme tiredness, thirst and bleeding gums. I had forgotten about the bleeding gums. That hasn’t happened to me this time around. But I am thirsty and generally exhausted, though it’s hard to say whether the exhaustion is because of this pregnancy or more related to my working long hours and having a 18 month old who doesn’t sleep through the night. I don’t even remember what it feels like to not be exhausted. 

Not much else to report. We have started spreading the word. Both sets of grandparents now know, and my brother and his wife know. My brother-in-law and Matt’s sister should know by the end of the weekend (if word hasn’t already spread to them). We have also mentioned it to a few friends. It is fun to tell people, but I also sometimes sort of wish people could just go from not knowing to knowing with little input from me. That is why I make Matt do all the telling.

I have my initial anatomy scan next Thursday so I am pretty excited about that. I hope all is well with the little belly bean.